Month: June 2021

Cat climbing tree

Cat climbing tree review: Hundreds of people have bought their feline friend some kind of cat furniture, be it a scratching post, a cat scratching room or a classic cat climbing tree. There are many people who have found that a cat climbing a tree is one of the best gifts you can buy for […]

The 5 best ways to save energy at home

1. Switch to energy efficient fans and lights One of the easiest and most effective ways to lower your energy bills is to switch your home lighting to fluorescent bulbs. Skeptics have raised concerns about the safe environmental disposal of these bulbs due to their mercury content. However, if you follow the proper removal instructions, […]

Ness’s Notes (January 11)

Was it really just a week ago that Texas beat USC 41-38 in the Rose Bowl? Is it possible that Vince Young is as good in the NFL as he was in his two Rose Bowl appearances? Did the ‘monkey’ finally get off Mack Brown’s back? To end the CFB season, keep in mind that […]

Historic sites in Italy-Pompeii

Why would you want to visit Pompeii, a city that was frozen in time during the 1st century AD? What is it about this lost city, now rediscovered, that attracts so many visitors and inspires so much attention? Why is Pompeii important? And what about Herculaneum, the nearby city at the base of the volcano, […]

Turn your home into a high-tech hotel room

From time to time, especially during the holidays, families and friends would check into a luxury hotel or resort. Ideally, these luxury hotel rooms could fascinate you with all their high-tech gadgets, wide-screen TVs, automatic doors, and more. Any hotel that provides this service would often be expensive. Why spend so much to go to […]

Fifth wheel puller or bumper?

For many RV’ers, this question is a hot topic. For others, it is not even on the horizon. It all depends on the type of RV you are in and what you would like to move to. For example, I’ve been towing travel trailers for several years. What will my next motorhome be? I’m thinking […]

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