Month: June 2021

Lutz, Florida

Lutz (pronounced loots), rated one of the 100 best places to live by Money magazine in 2004, and being a contender or finalist for that place since then, has a small but growing population of 25,000. It is a land dotted with more than 100 unspoiled lakes, making Lutz a paradise for those who enjoy […]

Leo Ferris: The Man Who Saved the NBA

The early days of basketball often saw slow and unfriendly games for fans that often left viewers bored. Games often only reached their 40s and many of the best players averaged less than 15 points per game. Many early basketball games seemed more like a glorified version of the keep-away game than an action-packed professional […]

KBC – Who did it best?

Two of the biggest that ever lived! While one has been the Shehansha For more than forty years, the other has become the Badshah in less than just twenty years. Amitabh and Shahrukh. These two are arguably the biggest superstars in Indian cinema. Both have been widely praised by critics over the years. While Big […]

The 10 worst PC viruses of all time

Viruses have been around for decades and are created sometimes as a joke, but other times to create destruction. In the 1980s, computer viruses were transmitted by humans; the virus was stored on disk and distributed by humans. When the Internet became popular, the spread of computer viruses became a real problem. The top 10 […]

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