Month: November 2022

Greater Montego Bay Vacations

Jamaica is one of the most popular destinations in the Caribbean. This island nation boasts beautiful beaches, spectacular scenery, distinctive and flavorful cuisine, and some of the best and most exclusive resorts in the Caribbean. Every year, around two million tourists visit the island, enjoying Montego Bay vacation packages and contributing around $1.5 billion to […]

The three most common types of insurance

There are many insurance plans available to provide coverage for various types of damage or accidents. All families must have at least one of these three. Types of Homeowners Policies Homeowners insurance falls into one of six categories. HO-1 and HO-2, as they are more commonly known, cover only property against specifically listed damage. These […]

How to plan a perfect kitchen design?

A well-planned home kitchen design certainly enhances the cooking experience and imparts a welcoming personality to the heart of your home. A well-lit and comfortable home kitchen design transforms your kitchen space into a cozy place to eat and converse as well as prepare meals. Understanding the importance of the kitchen, contemporary interior designers now […]

Owner-Operator Insurance: Definitions and Impact of Non-Truck, Bobtail, and No-Cargo Liability

As with any business model, Motor Carriers (MC) using Owner Operators (OO) enjoy certain benefits while assuming additional risks. One such risk is the potential “uninsured” exposure of the OO while it is not in a “business use” capacity for the Motor Carrier. MC’s commercial auto or truck liability (AL) insurance policy provides coverage for […]

Horses – Sir Barton

There have been many great triple crown winners in horse racing history. But none faded more into obscurity than triple crown winner Sir Barton. It wasn’t the last, but it was the first. This was an amazing achievement for this horse considering the following facts. At two years old he lost his first six races. […]

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