Month: February 2023

Budget for your business

What is a budget? A budget is a plan to: Make sure you have enough money for future activities. Control and monitor all the finances of the business, including its income and expenses. Allow extracting information so that the business can make management and growth decisions. Budgeting allows the business owner to rely on accurate […]

Fried Seaweed Chips

The market for seaweed as human food originated in Southeast Asia (Thailand, Vietnam, etc.) and probably did so for functional reasons. There are high population levels in Southeast Asia, and ocean fishing is a necessary contributory food source. If you cast or drag a net close to shore, you tend to get seaweed as well […]

The difference between the Venetian masks and the masks for the Italian theater

Today, Venetian masks are mostly fashion accessories that we wear during a themed masquerade party or fancy dress event. Traditionally speaking, these masks have rich historical significance, especially in the Italian theater where they were used to represent different characters on stage. Most people tend to confuse the Venetian masquerade masks used in carnivals with […]

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