Month: March 2023

The real professional risks of entrepreneurship

Most people are perfectly comfortable working for someone else. They have no desire to launch their own business, mainly because they perceive entrepreneurship as a highly risky option. Most of these concerns boil down to four types of risk: financial, career, lifestyle, and ego. They imagine that the potential for success is very small and […]

NMLS CE Review of Kaplan and Proschools

In years past, states regulated the mortgage industry. As of 2011, the National Mortgage Licensing Registry and System (NMLS) is in operation under the federal government. A requirement to maintain an NMLS license is 8 hours per year of continuing education (CE). Options for CE are face-to-face or an online course. I received an offer […]

Best Lawyers

Lawyers get bad press, known as hangers-on and leeches for the person on the street who may have been charged what he/she thinks is an exorbitant fee simply for getting divorced. There are different legal systems around the world, but the lawyers who earn the most are the ones who work for the tobacco industry […]

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