9 stones to help get your ex back as fast as possible

Are you tired of the same routine of waking up crying and going to bed crying too? Is it getting your ex back, but you don’t know how?

People will offer advice to keep your distance or forget about the past. But there are other ways to help you get your ex back besides a long list of tips and steps. For now, let the love stones or gems guide you on your quest to get your ex back.

1. lapis lazuli. The blue stone that represents harmony and communication in a relationship. You need communication for your relationship to work. Otherwise, problems will keep coming with no means to solve them.

two. Jade. The stone that is associated with balance and focus. To get your ex back you need to be focused and determined. Don’t focus on the negative or “what could have been.” Instead, set your mind to achieve “what will be.”

3. Pink quartz. The pink stone that expresses sympathy and compassion is what you need if you want to get back with your ex. Be considerate of your ex’s feelings and needs. Don’t even assume for a minute that you are the only one suffering from the breakup and therefore become bitter and hateful.

Four. Hematite. A silver stone known to reduce stress. No matter how much you think your heart is breaking, you need to control your emotions. If all you feel is negative, then surely you can’t trust your emotions to guide you.

5. Malachite. This green stone represents positive changes. To get your ex back, you need to let go of your past grudges. Don’t dwell on your mistakes. Learn from them, apologize for them, and then make whatever positive changes are necessary to win back your love.

6. Obsidian. The black and vitreous stone that represents truth and honesty, two things that are vital in relationships. Truth and honesty build trust, so you need to show that you are trustworthy to your ex. He starts by apologizing for your mistakes and not making excuses for them.

7. Sardonyx. This blue stone represents loyalty. To win your ex back, show your loyalty by being more than just a lover; you are also a friend. Be there when they need you, someone to talk to and someone who doesn’t judge.

8. Tiger’s Eye. A beautiful gold and brown stone known to symbolize patience. Patience is what you need to heal and allow time for things to cool down between the two of you. Patience to wait for the right moment to talk to your ex and not bother him with calls and messages.

9. diamonds. The stone that represents strength, love and eternity. Being sad and depressed all the time will get you nowhere. Get your ex back by showing your strength and confidence. Be the person you once knew and want to be with again.

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