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Fertility and thin women: what are the problems? Is it better to be overweight or underweight?

Does being overweight or underweight affect fertility? SURELY! For hundreds of years, fertility in women has been represented by a prominent and ample stomach and mons pubis, as well as full breasts. However, many women today are pressured by society to maintain slim, sexy bodies that are defined by the seductive curves of models and […]

Sports memorabilia in the year 1960

It was the year 1960 -Did you know? • Squaw Valley, California, site of the 1960 Winter Olympics, had no snow as games time approached. A local Native American tribe, the Piute, performed an Indian snow dance and believe it or not, it worked. A snow storm ensued and the games continued as planned. • […]

Basics of an e-commerce website

What is electronic commerce?: E-commerce is the technology that enables people and businesses to trade, market, and do business online. The key points here are that there is no physical market and this retail model offers the flexibility that the consumer or customer can shop in the comfort of their home or office without having […]

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