Baby Shower – Ideas for a baby shower

As we all know, the baby shower is traditionally held for the mother-to-be and only women attend. It’s an exciting time for the mother-to-be and her friends. The atmosphere is filled with joy, especially if she is expecting a child. It’s all the more special.

You know, scissors and snails and puppy tails, that’s what little kids are made of…

So you’re going to have a boy: your little friend, friend, your man, champion, little, handsome devil. Don’t you dare call it sweetie, angel, princess, peanut, darling, or baby, right? hell no. He’s going to grow up to be a manly man.

Before the newborn son shaves and leaves for college, let’s go through the baby shower first. Some obvious themes or decor for boys include sports: baseball, basketball, football, soccer; gold fire trucks; policemen; robots; dogs; cowboys or superheroes.

You won’t have a lot of ruffled lace or dainty bows at a baby shower. You can never go wrong with anything in the color blue, and lots of it.

It’s a horrible experience for new parents to have strangers in the store refer to their little man as a precious little girl. Baby shower gifts for babies are easy: present outfits to dress the handsome boy in blue, blue and blue. Even if your little sleeper has footballs all over the place, the well-meaning fan won’t take the time to notice the youthful pattern. Make them bold blue to give them a clue.

Going back to baby shower ideas, generally baby showers are a female dominated event. Your mother-to-be may not have much experience raising a child. She could focus the games on boy things. Make a list of questions that pertain only to children, perhaps how to change a child’s diaper. What are you going to say when your child comes up to you and says… Another idea would be to play – what not to do to embarrass your child (like licking your finger and then trying to get the toothpaste off your cheek) in front of your children? friends). Or don’t yell embarrassing comments at your child while he’s playing with her friends. Take a soccer quiz. Mom may need this information one day!

Guests who have sounds will be able to help with this one. Raising a boy is not the same as raising a girl. Have fun but make it informative and fun for everyone at the party.

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