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only five minutes

A strange story arose about an old, downtrodden, poor husband named “Edgar Goose” who had very little money. He told his elderly wife that he decided to take his last stash of money, which amounted to $10, to Las Vegas, Nevada, to gamble the remaining money and see if he could turn that money into […]

Use your words carefully

Words are expressions of our mental attitudes. Anything we think will be transformed into verbal explanations. So we have to be very careful what we say, because words once spoken cannot be taken back. Our thoughts, attitudes, mental impressions, childhood experiences all affect our speech, which is just a reflection of these. We only communicate […]

What is it worth to you?

Around the world, buying and selling involves negotiation. This article asks, “Why?” he then analyzes the negotiation from a singularly anti-American perspective. For years, I was an excellent negotiator and even taught negotiation in corporate America and in higher education. I enjoyed the challenge of paying as little as possible for something or selling it […]

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