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Why do small businesses need accounting firms?

One of the most essential parts of every industry is the accounting service. That is why many companies have latched on to accounting firms to keep all their financial records and transactions well organized and categorized. These professional services help facilitate the systematic handling of files, items, and reports so accounting, auditing, and analysis can […]

Implementation of FACTA by Israeli banks

FATCA (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act) was legislated in May 2010 and went into effect in July 2014. Requires US taxpayers, namely US passport holders and US Social Security number holders, to report foreign financial accounts worth more than $10,000 to the IRS, and assets abroad. It also requires foreign financial institutions to report financial […]

what shots should plumbers get

shots should plumbers get Many homeowners would do almost anything to save money on home repairs. This sometimes includes attempting DIY plumbing tasks such as unblocking toilets and fixing leaky pipes. However, major plumbing problems like a burst pipe are best left to professional plumbers. Unfortunately, amateurs who try to fix a burst pipe often […]

the psychology of color

On the study of color psychology as effects on human emotions and human cognition Color psychology is still mostly within the realm of folk or common sense psychology and has become widely associated with culture. The importance of color could well be related to particular cultures, emotions, and situations, although there are very few scientific […]

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