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Beware of backtests

If you’ve been researching futures, commodities, currencies, or stocks trading, you’ve probably been exposed to backtest results. These results supposedly show what a trading method would have done in the past, if it had followed it. They are one of the reasons the US government requires the phrase “past performance is no guarantee of future […]

What tax records should I keep?

Worried about the amount of time to keep your personal income tax records? Sometimes taxpayers are required to submit these documents when the government reviews or audits a filed return or is trying to levy or collect taxes. In addition, these documents are required by creditors, homeowners associations, other interested parties who have requirements to […]

10 Affiliate Marketing Management Tips

Discover the answer to the 10 most common questions about affiliate marketing management 1. Is affiliate marketing right for my business? Affiliate marketing is one of the most powerful and effective means of gaining new customers, regardless of your product or service. Affiliate marketing exposes your business to new customers and can get you out […]

The advantages of ICTs over LLCs

“Isn’t ICT the same as LLC”? “Don’t they both offer the same benefits?” “Why should one choose an ICT deal over an LLC”? If you are reading this article, I am sure you must have asked yourself these questions over and over again. Well, I’m here to help. Let me answer all of your questions […]

What is community media?

Community media is described by Ellie Rennie (2006), in a broad sense, as “community communication”. Fundamentally, it is difficult to define the term absolutely because it can take many forms, be applied by so many different groups of people, and be directed at such a wide range of topics. However, the premise that community media […]

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