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The structure of a story

INTRODUCTION: Stories, if graphically illustrated, are like bows of arrows shot by bows. They soar skyward, reach a peak or peak height, and then bend sharply when gravity causes them to fall to the ground. The first part of the arc can be equated to the growing tension or suspense of a story, its pinnacle […]

Tips on using the Google keyword tool

Successful online marketing depends on keyword research. While doing keyword research isn’t really difficult, it’s one area that will help you increase your online traffic. Becoming proficient in keyword research takes practice and a lot of trial and error, but as you continue to do your research, you will become more and more adept at […]

Does live video streaming work?

Have you discovered that many people have started posting live on social media today? With a host of live streaming social media apps that start with live video and make it possible for their users to go live and generate videos for their followers very easily, it is no wonder that many small businesses get […]

How to be more innovative

Can you be more innovative? To be honest, I don’t know. I think 40 percent of the population can never be good at innovating, which they do. 10% of the population is born to innovate. They always knew what they wanted to do and how they could achieve it. The remaining 50 percent could learn […]

The questionnaire and record keeping

One of the teaching strategies I used often in high school math classes was the quiz. I often used it to review basic skills, number facts, formulas, and the meanings of various geometric and other mathematical terminologies. He often made a written record of the questions he asked to use again in the future. Often, […]

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