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Technology and the legal profession: a perfect fusion

Yesterday’s law offices were what are now known as “paper offices.” Lawyers’ news, reports, testimonies, and billable hours were recorded and displayed on sheets of paper. In today’s digital age, we know that paper systems can waste money, time and efficiency. Additional staff must be hired to manage paper documents, file legal reports, and search […]

Become your wishes

Some time ago I attended a workshop / retreat entitled “Let us manifest.” The information and exercises that guided us were by far the most effective I have experienced of all the manifestation workshops and seminars I have experienced. What made it different and more powerful was this concept: Before you can manifest or create […]

Are you organized?

The key to all successful endeavors is, of course, organization. Whether you have your own business, are involved in affiliates programs, publish your own ezine, etc., if you are not organized you are fighting an uphill battle that is ultimately impossible to win. BUT WHERE TO BEGIN? I’d like to take a moment to explain […]

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