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business pros and cons

Many people dream of having their own business. They focus on the benefits they could enjoy, including the freedom to choose the hours, the pride of ownership, and hopefully big profits. Unfortunately, according to Innovation, Science and Economic Development in Canada, up to 97% of new businesses with fewer than a hundred employees fail within […]

Laboratory Chemical Facts

A laboratory is perhaps one of the riskiest places to work. One of the most dangerous items you can expect to find in a laboratory are laboratory chemicals. Although these chemicals are useful in research, they pose great danger to people, objects, and creatures in and around the facility, as well as to the research […]

Cook County Lawyers

There are more than 40,000 practicing attorneys in Cook County, more than the rest of the state combined. This number includes attorneys who specialize in virtually every type of law imaginable, in a variety of settings. Below is a bit more information about where and how these attorneys operate and some of the major practice […]

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