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Ness’s Notes (January 11)

Was it really just a week ago that Texas beat USC 41-38 in the Rose Bowl? Is it possible that Vince Young is as good in the NFL as he was in his two Rose Bowl appearances? Did the ‘monkey’ finally get off Mack Brown’s back? To end the CFB season, keep in mind that […]

How to get LeBron James signed autograph

Getting signed autographs from your favorite National Basketball Association athlete can be a difficult task. Since that athlete is LeBron James, among the best stars in the league, the task may be even more difficult. Their popularity will make getting their autographs signed a challenge, as most other fans will likely possess the same lens […]

Navigating the Fantasy Football Playoffs

1. Continue playing the Waiver Wire Unlike the regular season, the waiver wire action in fantasy doesn’t stop after Week 13. You must stay away during the playoffs to give your team the best possible chance of winning the next matchup. While most of the time the waiver stars are gone due to their appearance […]

Should chess be banned?

In today’s politically correct (PC) world, everything is under review for potential offense. While I find such offensive witch hunts offensive, I would like to offer a brief argument as to why the game of chess may come under scrutiny from the “PC police” and be banned. First of all, let me clarify that I […]

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