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Global Bank Reconciliation Software Market Size, Status and Forecast to 2022

Frank n Raf provides Global Bank Reconciliation Software Market size report studies, status, analyzes and researches these states of development, and forecast in India, China, US, EU, Japan, and Southeast Asia. Frank n Raf is one of the eminent market research and consulting firm, providing accurate and transparent industry information and market research reports, custom […]

Go green in your school and classroom

In support of growing environmental concerns, the federal government and many states are funding green schools. Many of these green schools are experimenting with everything from solar and wind power sources, recycled building materials, and natural lighting to using green products and pesticides, implementing energy-efficient technology, and incorporating environmental issues into the curriculum. While it […]

GM foods may contain harmful substances

The food industry, represented by the FDA, USDA, and several large corporations, claim that genetically modified (GMO) foods are safe. In addition, they cite several additional factors that support the need for genetic engineering in agricultural production. The first of these is the increased production of crops that resist drought, disease and pests. They also […]

Computer Aided Language Learning (CALL) Optimization

Technology transforms virtually all human activities. In the field of education, the use of audiovisual media, computers and telecommunications devices has radically altered the dynamics of the classroom. For ESL and TFL professionals, the possibilities opened up by technology are very promising, and currently accepted practices already demonstrate the enormous benefits that technology offers for […]

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