Christmas is about giving – WHO SAYS?

Who started that BIG LIE? Without a doubt those who have something to sell, the modern moneychangers! Look at the people around you running like sheep to the slaughterhouse, to “sale” and things like that just can not pay

Going into debt is certainly not biblical, so why not break free? “Christmas” fever is a “drug” promoted by commercial pimps who prostitute a supposedly Christian holiday for their unholy gains! They hold hands around the cash register and sing, “What a friend we have in Jesus.”

The whole idea of ​​giving gifts has gotten out of hand. First: it is not Jesus’ birthday. Second: the wise men did not exchange gifts with each other, but gave their gifts worthy of a King to the King of the Jews (two years and who lived in a house at that time, which is why Herod killed the children two and a half years ). under attempting to abort the ascension of the Messiah to the Throne of David).

If Christmas is supposed to be about Christ (and some sincerely believe it is, even denying that it is a pagan holiday that God wants no part of), Why let Santa steal the show? Why do people pretend to care that Jesus was born when they deny His life for the rest of the year? Why do people get mad when you mention these facts and they’re not even religious? The pack does not want their trance to be broken, so they will be ruined by keeping the pagan festivals alive and the folly that will be the death of many. Too many prefer tradition to truth, he’s sorry to say.

“Harmless” Christmas celebrations, abominations to God and rejection by Christ, are setting the stage for our worst nightmare: our family and friends are going to be shipped like cattle, for it is prophesied that our countries will suffer national defeat and deportation for such idolatrous ideas and tinsel traditions. WAKE UP: Christmas is an ABOMINATION. That’s why I don’t celebrate Christmas anymore.

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