Damon Outlaw RV Review

One of the best known motorhomes for those who need a toy hauler to hit the road, the Damon Outlaw is at the head of the class. Widely known for having premium homes along with a well-appointed garage, this Class A RV has been a top choice for years. To live up to all expectations, this RV is built with a Ford Triton 6.8L V-10 engine, featuring the latest in efficiency technology to make its 80-gallon fuel tank last even longer. The powerful motor will get you where you need to be, all while hauling your heavy toys and allowing you to travel in style.

This RV has been so sought after by people who want a toy hauler because the high-quality, modern garage is a standard feature on the Damon Outlaw. Featuring a non-slip aluminum floor, central air and heating ducts, and a power ramp with lift assistance to make life as easy as possible. For your tools, a stainless steel cabinet is included with each model so you can be prepared to handle any task, just like you were in your home garage. The high-end sound system even has a garage-only remote, along with TV hookups so you can spend all day in there and be comfortable if you need to.

Along with all the benefits of bringing a garage with you, the first-class rooms are truly what sets Damon Outlaw apart. Just relax on the sofa and enjoy HD television, or take a nap in your queen-size bed. Stain-resistant carpeting and easy-to-clean vinyl flooring in the kitchen. If you happen to have any spills while using your stove, you won’t have any headaches from cleaning up the mess. The cabinets are glazed solid wood to hold all your dishes and dry goods, with a built-in refrigerator to store your perishables and save space.

A full suite of exterior features make this the perfect RV for people who like to play outside. An electric awning with two additional sliders gives you an incredible amount of shaded area to enjoy the scenery in comfort. Reflectors at the rear allow you to be late without having to stumble around in the dark, like in your driveway. Full powered dual steps make setting up your site a breeze. You will feel like you have a garden to enjoy no matter where you set up camp.

So you can stay longer and enjoy your travels, the Damon Outlaw has plenty of storage for much-needed water. The 65-gallon freshwater tank is complemented by a 47-gallon gray water and a 47-gallon black water so she can enjoy her time without worrying about staying stocked.

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