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In October 2005, Egg asked the Center for Research on Social Problems to investigate the trends that would define the “roaring 20s”. They found that many people thought of the period as the “Fear Decade”, due to the immense media coverage of 9/11, the tsunami and the War on Terror. As a result, people are increasingly likely to stay home, indulge and demand everything on their own terms. A great way to combine all three is to indulge in beautiful jewelry, order it from the comfort of your computer desk, and have it delivered right to your door in a matter of days.

The big surprise for online jewelry retailers is that diamonds sell very well through websites. The range available is incredible, from top-tier specialists like Blue Nile to well-known high street names like H.Samuel selling diamond jewelry online. Consumers now trust that shopping online is safe and the quality and design of websites make the decision easy. For example, some jewelry stores’ sites feature zoom and 360-degree views of their products so you can see exactly what you’re buying. Blue Nile even offers an online design service: You can “build” a diamond ring by choosing the shape of the stone, selecting the perfect ring to complement it, and setting your budget.

How to wear diamonds:

diamond earrings

Diamond jewelry is more affordable than ever, so now is the time to shop for something special. For true personal pleasure, treat yourself to a pair of diamond earrings to wear every day. There is no point in saving special jewelry for special occasions: if you buy something because you like it, why not wear it? Diamond earrings come in all shapes and sizes, and sparkling stones are so versatile that you can wear them with just about anything. To add an understated sparkle to any outfit, a small pair of diamond studs is probably the safest option; however, there are some beautiful drop and hoop earrings that look fantastic with a strapless little black dress.

diamond bangles

Tennis bracelets are a favorite accessory, although they may be a bit over the top for everyday wear. They have a classic appeal similar to pearls or solitaire rings, making them perfect 18th or 21st birthday gifts. For something a little more subtle but just as elegant, try a delicate bracelet in ultra-modern white gold, set in pavé with a sweep of gemstones. The beauty of diamond bracelets and bangles is that every time you move your arm, at least one of the stones will catch the light and sparkle in that magical way that diamonds do. If you’re looking for a dazzling accessory that won’t go out of style for decades, diamond bracelets are definitely worth a look.

diamond rings

And finally we come to the rings. Diamonds no longer have to be restricted to a timeless solitaire engagement ring. Successful and self-confident women begin to consider rings for the right hand as the maximum expression of themselves. Wearing a fashionable diamond dress ring to the office every day is a subtle statement, but it will definitely turn heads at the boring weekly meeting. Make a statement with a “what, this old thing?” attitude towards your diamonds.

diamond watches

If you’re a little strapped for cash, but can’t resist the allure of little sparklers, why not try a diamond watch? It’s much easier to justify to your other half than a dazzling diamond pendant, however beautiful, because you really do need a watch anyway, don’t you?

Diamond Celebrities

Catherine Zeta Jones is famous for her stellar rise from Swansea miniseries girl to silver screen goddess. Her red carpet outfits always play to her strengths: she has a stunning hourglass figure and she knows her sumptuous satin gowns with structured bodices and flowing skirts look fabulous on her. Catherine accessorizes with the kind of jewelry you’d expect from someone married to an older Hollywood statesman; antique jewelry, set with obscenely large diamonds.

Jennifer Lopez has a very different attitude towards her rocks. Like Destiny’s Child, she buys her own. She may have once been Jenny from the block, but now she’s the queen of a multi-million dollar empire, allowing her to buy herself a whole new set of diamonds to perfectly complement each of her fabulous reinventions. J.Lo no longer has the stunning six-carat pink diamond ring that Ben Affleck proposed to her with, so for his 36th birthday, she bought herself a gorgeously indulgent £2.5 diamond-encrusted ring. millions.

The boys would do well to take a leaf out of David Beckham’s book. He gifted his wife Victoria with a pink diamond even bigger than J.Lo’s, but he’s no stranger to himself. The London-born footballer has become an international style icon thanks to his elegant tailoring and impeccable grooming. David likes to wear a huge single earring, set with a brilliant square-cut diamond, with a smart suit and no other jewelry. Herein lies the secret of men’s jewelry: one piece at a time is usually enough, especially if it is set with diamonds.

In recent years, ice has become the jewel of choice for rappers like Fifty Cent, who choose it as a visible sign of their wealth and success. Conflict diamonds have been in the headlines lately, thanks to Kanye West’s “Diamonds from Sierra Leone,” which speaks directly to the ongoing civil war in that country, financed by the sale of diamonds mined in the Sierra Leone area. war. Jay-Z, another Roc-A-Fella artist known for his appetite for bling, is shown using a “diamond cut” gesture on his “The Dynasty: Roc La Familia” album cover. These rappers have now, rightly or wrongly, become role models, and to get the look of any of these hip-hop stars, a chunky, expensive, diamond-encrusted crucifix is ​​a good start.

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