Difference between artificial stones and natural stones

The stones are important for the construction of houses. The stones play an important role for both the exterior and interior design of the house. The stones are used for various purposes in the construction of houses. From the construction of beautiful house walls to decoration pieces, stones are used. The only thing that differs is the type of stone to use. The stones are differentiated into artificial and natural stones. Although both are used respectively for the construction of a house.

Natural stones are creation of the greatness of nature or products of nature. They are created naturally. Its color texture shines, size and shape, all are a gift of nature. Compare the beauty of natural stone is impressive. On the other hand, artificial stone is just a cement-based product that is molded to represent a stone surface and then sprayed, stained, or stucco-coated with a color similar to that of the stone. They are used as thin pieces that are glued to a wall or structural surface, such as tile. Then, to fill the space between the stones, other stones are installed. Artificial stone is made by crushing and grinding natural stone and then reconstituting it, in a mold, with cement mortar. Sandstone, marble and limestone are well suited to the reconstitution process.

Artificial stones include Modena, Verona rose, tankard, shale white, old brick, hand brick red. These were some of the artificial stones used for house construction. Artificial stones are generally used for the exterior of the house, such as walls, pavements and upper roof floors. Although some artificial stones that are processed well are used as decorative pieces of marble. It is due to its brightness. Even the decorative sandstone wall decorations are handcrafted from fine sand mixed with cement.

While natural stones add aesthetic value to the home. Whether it’s lush granite, beige limestone, shimmering marble, rustic gray slate, or exotic brown sandstone, all natural stones create serene beauty in the home. The beautiful marble floors with granite counter tops and silver beige marbles for the bathrooms attract thousands of people. Natural stones are naturally good. Its brilliance and shine for a long time can not fade. While there is a possibility that artificial stones will lose their color. Because they are not good. For some time it is good but not for long.

After all, artificial stones are not real stones. Natural stones are the real stones. So it is obvious that natural stones will last longer. Whatever stones are used in the home, it is important to find out the actual stones and they should be placed accordingly. Whether it is granite, marble, slate, sandstone, everything can be found both as natural and artificial stone. Although artificial stones may appear smooth and more beautiful due to polishing, they are actually natural stones whose beauty lasts forever.

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