Get the vibrant colors and materials of mosaic tiles to bring walls to life

Delicate mosaics in mixtures of stone, metal and glass or separately adorn the wall in mystical colors of the rainbow. Art, fantasy, design and technology have been combined to create a stunning variety of mosaics with color and appeal. Create designer pieces anywhere in your home or business. Kitchen and bathroom backsplashes present great opportunities for décor. Combine them with hardware, curtains and doors and windows. Get them in square and brick patterns plus the interlocking variety for creative approaches to backsplashes.

morning fog

Morning Fog wall tiles make strong and clear statements. It is a lovingly handcrafted shiny ceramic tile. All three designs are available in lively light gray tones. Create a contemporary scene or traditional setting with the 3 by 6 brick layout. Choose the transitional or modern approach with the smart 4 by 12 brick pattern. The Morning Fog Ogee pattern shines in every style of setting with its curved softness. The pretty grays suit any décor, whether built with marble, granite, or quartz. Would you rather have monochrome elegance to go with a gray countertop?

ocean brick

The stained glass mosaic has a similar impact to the ocean with its blue waves rising and falling! Oceano Brick would adorn the backsplash with a running brick pattern. Blue and gray tones would also look good on quartz stone countertops. In a backsplash, pair it dramatically with wood cabinetry in both modern and traditional styles.

kaleido mix

You are definitely going to love the Kaledo design on the backsplash. The mix of colors creates a dazzling display. It is an interlocking mosaic that mixes beige natural stone and glass tesserae. Beige, blue and gray in the glass tiles create magnificent effects. Installed on a backsplash, this tile pairs well with a beige stone countertop. Complement further with Kaledo borders on the ground.


The silk-like quality of Mochachino glass mosaics lends an elegant aura to extended hexagonal stained glass mosaics. Create a stunning contemporary look with a matching countertop. Install Mochachino directly on top of backsplash. In the bathroom accent niche, create an attractive vertical arrangement on the back wall.

glass interlock

When you combine the vivid colors of natural glass with cool metallic designs, the resulting wonder is Krystal Interlocking wall tile. The calming effect is achieved by the mosaic pattern by combining a variety of tile lengths and heights. Use this tile to great effect over a backsplash mounted on a gray stone countertop. You could also keep it cool with a neutral stone countertop that matches the colors of the glass mosaic. A floating shade cabinet would match the crystalline water-like elements.

paradise bay

A chromatic fantasy of sophisticated glass textures combined with natural stone tiles creates Paradise Bay. These eye-catching designs are executed in horizontal rows of various tile sizes. It equally vividly serves as a backsplash and sits elegantly on top of a granite countertop. The pretty mosaic shades shine gloriously as ever. Lay the Paradise Bay tiles vertically on the walls, placing them alternately with larger neutral floor tiles.

Mosaic tiles bring a magical touch to walls and floors and transform living and business environments. They certainly delight our senses and encourage greater productivity in the rich environment. An artistic combination of colors and materials carefully arranged in patterns would match or contrast in dramatic ways. Choose from a wide variety of materials and blends to achieve that particular custom effect you’re looking for. Find unique style statements to enhance feelings and emotions for special occasions. Create an avalanche of memories to accompany you every day.

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