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How Do I Report an Issue With an Ad in the TikTok ADS Library?

Report an Issue With an Ad in the TikTok ADS Library

Whether you’re creating ads for brand awareness or to drive conversions, the TikTok Ad Library has you covered. The new database provides inspiration, research and performance benchmarks to help you build quality content that connects with Gen Z. Search ads based on keywords, brands or products and filter by campaign objectives such as Reach, CTR, 2s View Rate and 6s Video View Rate. Compare the top performing ads and learn from their creative ideas, messaging and strategic approaches.

Tiktok ADS Library is a powerful tool that can help you create high-performing ads. Using it, you can find inspiration, discover trends and gain insights on keywords and top hashtags. The first step is to choose an objective for your campaign. There are six primary objectives to choose from: Conversions, Video Views, App Installs, Reach, Lead Generation and Traffic. Next, select a content exclusion filter. This is a great way to avoid having your ad appear alongside inappropriate content (though you should always follow the Community Guidelines).

You can also set a duration filter for your search. The majority of high-performing ads run between 10 and 30 seconds. Once you’ve settled on a script, you can bring it to life with the other AI tools in the Creative Center. A favorite is Descript, which makes it easy to edit your videos by automatically separating the audio track into scenes. That means you don’t have to spend time scrolling back and forth in the timeline, trying to cut and edit your video. All you have to do is highlight sections of the transcript and Descript will separate them for you.

How Do I Report an Issue With an Ad in the TikTok ADS Library?

Imagine harnessing the power of artificial intelligence to transform your conceptual ideas into meticulously structured narratives. With the AI Script Generator, it’s easy to create high-quality video content that engages and inspires. Start by selecting a topic or prompt to inspire your script’s creation. Clearly outline your project goals and audience to help ensure that the generated content aligns with your objectives. Experiment with different prompts and keywords to see what works best for your content.

Then, choose a length that suits your story needs and platform constraints. Lastly, select the tone that fits your narrative. Once you’re satisfied with the resulting script, click “Write Script.” If you’re logged in to Squibler, this will take you to the editor, where you can continue generating scenes and acts. You’ll then add a display name and ID, choose your identity (either the brand’s TikTok account or their website), select a landing page or Instant Pages and, finally, any legal disclaimers. After this, hit submit and wait for AI Video Editor to review your ad. Then, it’ll be available in the ADS Library!

TikTok ads are promoted content (usually a full-screen video) that brands or creators pay to show to a specific audience. These ads can be used to build brand awareness, sell a product or service, get more page follows or profile visits, or to drive website conversions. On the Ads Manager screen, choose Simplified Mode or Custom Mode to create your campaign. (We recommend Custom, as it allows you to use more ad settings and features).

Next, name your ad group and select a bidding strategy. The default is Optimized cost per thousand impressions, which lets TikTok automatically bid to deliver the most views at the lowest possible price, while not going over your ad group or campaign budget. If you’re looking to generate more app installs or sales, you can also choose CPC (cost per click).

If you want to track the number of in-app conversions, you’ll need to add a conversion pixel to your site. TikTok provides the code and instructions for installing it on your website or you can follow the official documentation to install it in a 3rd-party measurement provider platform like Shopify.


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