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How Many Steps Do I Need to Take to Rent Student Accommodation in Lancashire?

Rent Student Accommodation in Lancashire

The student accommodation landscape is becoming increasingly challenging as fewer landlords are willing to rent out properties to students and those that do are unable to find the right tenants. This is being compounded by a growing number of current students who are renewing their tenancies early while still living in their property and creating more competition for those landlords that are still renting out homes to students.

Those looking to rent Lancashire student accommodation should start their search in the spring or summer when there are more properties available. It is also advisable to view the accommodation before making any commitment as it will allow you to get a feel for how it will be to live there. Make sure to visit the property during daylight hours and take a good look around both inside and outside the property and try to view at least two or three properties before making a decision.

When comparing student houses and flats it is important to look at both the cost of rent as well as all the other costs associated with each property such as a deposit, gas, electricity, water rates, and internet bills, if not included within the rental price. You should also ensure that you fully understand what the term of the tenancy is and how much the rent will be each month.

A deposit will be required by the landlord in order to safeguard against damage that may be caused by a tenant beyond normal wear and tear or to cover any unpaid rent. This will normally be equal to one week’s rent. Students should check with each landlord to see what they are asking for as the amount can vary considerably between providers.

How Many Steps Do I Need to Take to Rent Student Accommodation in Lancashire?

The core requirements that landlords must meet when letting to students include things like ensuring there are adequate fire safety checks, a working smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detector in each room, that all furnishings are up to date and compliant and that the communal areas of the property are cleaned on a regular basis. Many student landlords will employ a local cleaner to carry out fortnightly cleaning of the communal areas and this helps ensure that they are meeting their obligations and also keeps their property in good condition.

Student tenants can be a pleasure to have as long as they are treated with respect and that the landlord is clear about what is expected from them. The main drawback with a student let is that the tenants will tend to look after their property less than a long-term tenant would and this can lead to increased maintenance and repair costs for the landlord.

Shared common spaces, such as lounges, kitchens, and study areas, act as hubs for spontaneous gatherings and collaborative learning. Strong, supportive communities within student accommodation can alleviate feelings of homesickness, provide a support network, and foster lifelong friendships.

The University of Central Lancashire is located in the city of Preston and is the sixth largest university in the UK, it offers a wide range of courses and caters for students from all over the world. Students who choose to study in this vibrant university town will want to stay in high quality, affordable student housing which is located close to the campus. UniAcco can help students find the perfect Lancashire student accommodation with a choice of flats and halls of residence as well as private houses to suit all budgets.


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