How to create amazing personalized promotional strategies?

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An expert in digital marketing should always try to make the best personalized strategies while promoting on the digital media channels. Because the audience likes to interact more with a personalized promotion than with a generic promotion. A promotion can be customized based on user behavior on the website, audience demographics, audience loyalty to a brand, etc. In this article, let us understand some practical tips that can help a digital marketer to create the best personalized promotion strategies.

Personalized promotional strategies on Facebook

Take the example of a popular brand known as IndiaCakes. This brand is in the sale of cakes, chocolates, desserts etc. If we properly analyze the Facebook marketing strategy of IndiaCakes, it can be concluded that this brand is spending its resources and marketing efforts to create generic promotion strategies.

You can take a look at the screenshot below for more reference on it.

Also, take a look at their Facebook page to discuss their strategy.

A brand that uses generic promotions
So, then the question that arises in your mind is “what does this brand really recommend to do a personalized promotion?”.

The solution for this would be to target the audience who have their birthdays and anniversaries in the near future. And include a personalized Advanced Wishes included in the promotional ad copies. Through the demographic targeting of Facebook, one can easily target the audience with birthdays in the near future.

For practical illustrations of these things, please refer to the screenshot attached below.

Target audience whose birthday is near
Additionally, Facebook Custom Audience data can also be used to create good custom promotion strategies.

Creating custom promotion strategies for AdWords Display Network campaigns
The AdWords Display Network is a great platform for building brand awareness. It has various features like Display Planner, Affinity Audience List, Remarketing List, etc.

By making use of the AdWords remarketing list, you can create great personalized promotions.

For example, take the case of a popular computer training company known as Jetking Infotrain. Jetking offers various training programs to its students which include python training, Java training etc.

Suppose a college student known as Ramesh visits the home page of the Jetking website and clicks on pages related to the Python training course.

Jetking can be an amazing personalized promotion strategy to target these college students, instead of just showing a normal generic ad with the headline “Learn the best software course from India’s #1 training company – Jetking” , BLA bla.

AdWords provides an opportunity for digital marketers to make use of demographic targeting method based on age and also targeted affinity audience (Remarketing List).

A professional computer training company like Jetking can create an amazing personalized promotion by targeting their website visitors in the 17-21 age group who may be college students like Ramesh. They can create an awesome custom promotion with an ad headline like “Learn Python from Jetking while you’re still in college and get one step closer to your dream Python developer job.”

Sending Personalized Promotions through E-mails.
Before you send any email to your subscriber list, make sure you have a highly segmented subscriber list. Because email list segmentation would, in turn, create an opportunity to send personalized promotional emails to subscribers.

Another method of sending personalized promotional emails is by analyzing user behavior on your website. This can be done with the help of Google Analytics.

Suppose, let’s take a real world example of a popular web platform for freelancers known as Fiverr. A Fiverr user just logged into his account and searched for the term “Facebook ad expert.”

Then you just signed out and then checked your Gmail inbox.

Fiverr had sent you a personalized promotional email due to user behavior on the Fiverr platform. The email has a subject line such as “Looking for Facebook Ads?”.


After opening the email, the user saw a personalized message from Fiverr that read “Looks like you were looking for: Facebook Ads.”

The post was followed by a bunch of high-performing Facebook Ad Gigs on the Fiverr platform.

Fiverr custom promotion
The user had received this email due to the fact that he had searched for a Facebook ad gig on the Fiverr platform. Here, in this case, the most important thing is that Fiverr is trying to personally help the customer to choose and buy the best performing Facebook ad gig.

These kinds of personalized emails would send a strong signal to the customer’s mind that the Fiverr brand cares a lot about its customers and is therefore trying to help customers personally.

Key facts to consider:
Custom ads aren’t just about writing a catchy ad headline for your ad copy and inserting promotional images. From my perspective, it’s about trying to establish a personalized communication channel with customers through the use of ad creatives, analytics, demographics, and audience behavior, etc.

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