How to dominate your man? 7 Very Effective Tricks You Can Use To Easily Dominate Your Man

It is widely believed that men call the shots in most relationships. However, the facts are very different from this belief and it is women who really dominate most men. If you too want to join the elite club of women who successfully dominate their man without him realizing what is happening, you will need to follow the seven steps mentioned below.

know him well
The first thing you have to do is fully understand your man. You have to figure it out and you have to know what exactly bothers him and what turns him on. Once you are fully aware of his strengths and weaknesses, the other steps will be like a walk in the park. Watch him closely and make mental notes of his likes and dislikes.

Don’t become a bunch
Having done your bit to understand him, you must keep a little distance and give him space to do his things. Don’t intrude on his space and allow him to have his friend time when he needs it. The more you stay out of it, the more he wants to be around you and this will give you the control you need over him.

Remind him of the pink world he promised
In general, all men make big promises when courting a woman. The key here is to not forget everything that she said during the time that she was chasing you. Keep reminding her of all the promises she made and will work hard to live up to her expectations. However, this has to be done very tactfully and should never feel like you’re bugging him.

emotional torture
Emotional blackmail is a birthright of all women. Use your tears and your long face to good effect and get what you want. Make sure you don’t go overboard with your demands so you don’t get classified as a high-maintenance spouse/partner.

good sex
The action between the sheets should always be boxy, if you want to master it. Take the initiative during intercourse and control the sexual act. Make sure he gets everything he fantasizes about. He will never complain about your dominance over him.

Give the impression that you are the submissive partner
Let him lord it over you in public. However, in private, make sure you are the boss. This way his ego is also massaged and you can still dominate him. If he wants to show the world that he wears the pants, so be it, only you and him know the truth.

Calibrate and recalibrate the domain
As mentioned in the previous point, you’ll need to calibrate your domain in such a way that it doesn’t appear fag to the outside world. Be subtle in your domain and he won’t mind. Give him the respect he deserves in front of others and you will have him under your control for life.

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