How to protect smartphones from wet winter weather?

The cold and humidity of winter not only affects our skin, but also electronic devices. The most affected by climate change are smartphones and iPhone. The internal components and screen of phones become more fragile than normal during cold weather, so any bump or drop can seriously damage your device. Not only this, smartphones even stop working beyond a certain temperature.

Check out some of the tips that can help you protect your devices during bad weather.

1. The first and most important remedy is to keep your phones warm and away from the cold of winter. Keep them protected in your bags or in the pocket of your jeans. Holding them in your hands will expose them to the moisture that prevails in the air. So keeping them covered when you’re out and about is the best idea.

2. Protecting it with a phone case. The available Apple Cat Phone cases are cute and protective. This is a perfect option for all girls who like to wear fashionable things. Cat prints on phone cases are so cute that they can add pizza to your phone effortlessly. Also, they prevent moisture from entering your phone and thus keep it dry during the rainy season. Phone accessories are important to give your phone a colorful update, but during the winter they serve a functional role.

3. In case the phone is freezing and the battery is dead, please avoid restarting the phone until it is warm. This will shorten battery life and may damage all software. Let it warm up and then turn it on.

4. The phone cases cover the whole body of the smartphone, but not the earphone jack. Therefore, there is a possibility of moisture getting into the cat. To prevent this damage, you can use plugins. Cat Phone Pluggies feature playful felines and can be plugged into jacks. This will even keep the phone jack covered. Cat phone accessories are not only to complement your phones, but even act as a waterproof protection for the device during harsh winter weather.

5. Avoid touching the phone screen with wet hands. Even tempered glass can protect the device to some extent. Dry your hands first or wear woolen gloves before using your phone. The touch screen is the most affected by humidity. The best way to protect them is to use the Touch Bar instead of your hands.

You have nothing to fear in the frigid temperatures this time of year if you take a little precaution. In particular, you need to be more careful if you are exposed to the cold for a longer period of time.

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