IIT JEE Crash Course – Best Study Plan

IIT JEE Crash Course – Best Study Plan

IIT JEE is an Indian national entrance test designed by MGRD, GOI, and CBSE to give admission to Architecture, Engineering, and B planning programmes. Despite the fact that over 15 lakh students apply for the Joint Entrance Examination each year, only 2.5 lakh students are selected. Students with a lack of information, as well as poor test preparation and planning, may find themselves in this unpleasant scenario. So, in order to improve your understanding of the JEE Exam, below is some material that might assist you.


Let’s go through some strategies and tips: remember not to overlook any of the three courses, or to devote too much time to one of them; instead, create and stick to a daily study schedule that includes all three subjects. Make care you read the theory section before beginning the practise problems. It is critical to do so if you want to have a deeper understanding of the issues. If you’re stuck and can’t solve an issue, read the theory again and again until you have a feel for the subject. Even if you believe a topic is irrelevant for the test, do not disregard it; questions from the topic, in fact any questions from any topic, may appear in JEE. If you’re not interested in the topic you’re studying, start with the easy chapters and solve questions from them to develop confidence in mastering the harder chapters. Study productively for long hours without losing any focus. Take pauses between study sessions to keep your efficiency up.

The ability to manage time and solve questions in a systematic manner is crucial to a high JEE score. You can only do this by putting in a lot of time and effort into practising and answering questions. You should take notes when studying and set a dependable target for yourself, such as 20 to 25 problems every day, to raise your complexity at regular intervals. Make a note of significant points, shortcuts, emotions, blunders, formulae, and other information that will come in help during revisions. If you are enrolled in one, be punctual in attending your coaching lessons on a regular basis and attempt to utilise that time to address any questions or issues you may have about any of the subjects. After you’ve finished your class, get back to studying whatever it was you were studying, and try to prevent backlogs. Don’t leave any work undone, and be sure to complete all of your daily practise papers, assignments, and homework on time. Regardless of your degree of preparation, be sure to take coaching tests, and analyse your prior exams and learn from your mistakes before taking these examinations. Even while the JEE curriculum appears daunting at first, if you break it down into modules, focus on one topic at a time, and complete the goals associated with that topic, you will be able to achieve great achievements.


There are several IIT JEE crash courses available to assist you in achieving the above-mentioned objectives as well as your own personal objectives. There is a plethora of these crash courses available in today’s market. Even if students are perplexed, it is critical for them to understand that it is the faculty, not the famous names, that develop the content for you. Paying a lot of money on these courses will not ensure your success, but there is a risk that spending less will impact the quality of the content. Try the JEECHAMP online mock test to assess your level of preparation and prepare for a good JEE rank. You may begin by taking a free online exam. This will help you understand why the exam series is distinctive and distinct from those offered by other tutoring businesses and schools.

Even if crash courses and their online learning platforms vary from time to time, you should study them before choosing one. Even if this is true, there are a few crash courses that have remained consistent. Choose a suitable platform for watching lectures and improving your weak areas. It’s also critical that you choose the proper literature and tutor. For the preparation of ITT JEE, students can also take the help of mobile applications. Since mobile applications are accessible anytime and anywhere, they become very helpful for the students in the preparation of JEE. And students can just use them as per their own convenience. For various subjects, online test series, e- books, and mock tests, these apps can used as they are equipped with them. Apps through which students take live classes as per the schedule are had by the coaching institutes that offer JEE ITT or even main classes.

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