3 ways to lose excess weight

Okay, here’s a little experiment to try. In a random survey of people you know today, ask them two questions. 1. How do you feel about your body? 2. What about your weight? Do you want to lose, gain or maintain your current weight? About 4 out of 5 will complain about how much more […]

Pet friendly hotels

If your travel companion has fur or walks on all fours instead of feet, you should probably find some pet-friendly hotels for your travels. Most hotels do not allow you to bring your four-legged friend for an overnight stay, so it is important to call any hotel you plan to stay at in advance to […]

How to eat a girl well

Most men don’t know how to eat a girl right. Fortunately, giving a girl an orgasm through oral sex isn’t rocket science and it’s actually pretty straightforward. Here are three keys to giving a girl orgasms that make her legs shake when she eats her. 1. Fan the flames of your arousalGirls are not like […]

The best Easter eggs from Disney movies

If you are reading this article thinking that we are talking about chocolate eggs that they give you in April with a picture of Mickey next to it, you are going to be disappointed. No, we are talking about the hidden messages and jokes that Disney animators include in their beloved films for fun and […]

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