Should chess be banned?

In today’s politically correct (PC) world, everything is under review for potential offense. While I find such offensive witch hunts offensive, I would like to offer a brief argument as to why the game of chess may come under scrutiny from the “PC police” and be banned. First of all, let me clarify that I […]

Islamorada, Florida Fishing

Islamorada is part of the Florida Keys. It is located south of Key Largo and is quite close to the mainland of Florida. If you haven’t heard of fishing in the Florida Keys, you’re missing out. There are numerous fishing shows and fishing tournaments showing this entire area and Islamorada is no exception. The fishing […]

What is community media?

Community media is described by Ellie Rennie (2006), in a broad sense, as “community communication”. Fundamentally, it is difficult to define the term absolutely because it can take many forms, be applied by so many different groups of people, and be directed at such a wide range of topics. However, the premise that community media […]

Home textiles

The textile and fashion industries are almost similar in a way, but they have branches in different fields. Some of them are shoes, clothing, accessories and home textiles. Home textiles were never there before. Only in a recent trend that home furnishings have gained great popularity, especially in the line of business. Business people are […]

Versimetric Elevators Vs Symmetric Elevators

Some auto repair shops lack the proper lifting equipment and have no choice but to lift larger vehicles with insufficiently equipped asymmetric or symmetrical car lifts. The result is compromised safety and an unnecessarily compromised vehicle and lift. Lifting large trucks and SUVs with an asymmetric lift can cause undue wear on the lift, such […]

The questionnaire and record keeping

One of the teaching strategies I used often in high school math classes was the quiz. I often used it to review basic skills, number facts, formulas, and the meanings of various geometric and other mathematical terminologies. He often made a written record of the questions he asked to use again in the future. Often, […]

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