Prophetic dreams – Dreams of being shot – What do they mean?

Did you dream of being shot? What could your terrifying dream mean? Are you concerned?

If you are overwhelmingly disturbed by a recent nightmare, you are not alone. The sense of despair you are feeling right now is not unique to you.

I also dreamed of being shot, and this is my story.

The dream:

And there I was, in an open sandy field. A man with an automatic rifle aggressively tried to kill me. He and I were the only ones in this sterile field, therefore the situation I found myself in was indisputably dire. This man relentlessly shot me with a vengeful purpose. He had the gun, I had nothing to fight with. Since I couldn’t protect myself, I panicked. I tried to dock and dodge as much as I could, but I knew that eventually one of those flying bullets would hit me. He was vividly horrified.

Then suddenly the barrage of gunfire stopped.

I heard a scream and looked in the direction of the shooting man. He looked injured and was holding his head. Apparently something came up behind me and hit him in the face. I turned around to see what it was, and lo and behold, a man was there with a sling.

This man again fired at the gunman a second time, and this time, the stone from the sling hit the gunman and shot him away from me. Logic defied how this happened. The tiny tiny rock from the sling whirred through the air with astonishing speed, striking the gunman with surprising precision and incredible force. It was like being shot with a five-foot-wide water hose, if ever there was such a thing.

Before I knew it, the gunman had ditched his weapon with cowardly swiftness and fled the scene. Then I heard a voice say to me: “Hurry up and grab his gun. Destroy it!” Whose voice was this, I don’t know. But the voice sounded thunderous and authoritative. It could have been the one with the slingshot, I’m not sure. I immediately did what I was told and began to disassemble the rifle.

It was while breaking the gun that I woke up. I woke up with a smile plastered on my face. This was a dream that meant victory. But victory of what?

Since this dream ended well for me, I thought there was nothing to worry about. So I didn’t care and quickly forgot. Big mistake!


During the one year period after this dream, a series of unfortunate events fell upon me and gradually I began to understand what the dream meant. You see, even though I was saved by the unknown man at the end of my dream, that still didn’t erase the fact that the gunman tried, several times, to hurt me.

At the beginning of my dream narrative, I said that the gunman had an automatic rifle and that he was shooting at me relentlessly. Not once, not twice, but several times.

Now every bullet that fired in my direction apparently counted as every problem I would be faced with in the near not too distant future. And yes, I ran into major problems. Luckily for me, like in the dream, I was miraculously saved from those problems.


The conclusion here is very simple. If you ever dream of getting shot, you must be worried … very worried. But before you lose your mind in panic, here are some questions you MUST answer to determine if danger is really lurking.

Before your dream, do you remember hearing or seeing anything related to weapons (action movies, news, heard a story, etc.)? Do you remember reading about anything related to guns or shooting in the newspapers or other reading materials?

If your answers to these questions are all NO, be very careful. Be sure to pray often. Events are coming that will not be pleasant.


In my dream, even though I was shot, I was never hit or grazed by any of the flying bullets. Then he knew that, no matter what happened, every time this dream manifested itself in real life, he would not suffer unpleasant situations. I may suffer a passing feeling of dread and / or anxiety (as I did in the dream when I was shot) but I knew that I would emerge victorious and unscathed from whatever awaited me in the future, just like in the dream.

Now if on the other hand you dream of being shot, and you actually hurt yourself in that dream, then the materialization of your nightmare may be completely different from mine … in a very bad way.


Ladies and gentlemen, I’m not here to scare you. But the things that I have seen through dreams and the events that I have witnessed in life make it a mandatory duty for me to write this article. It is imperative that you understand that dreams are the primary means of communication used by ‘existing spiritual powers’ to communicate with the human world.

You owe it to yourself to know how to identify these divine communications when you receive them, and how to analyze and understand them. Being able to master the art of decoding dreams will help you prepare for the inevitable adversities that are coming your way OR point you in the right direction if that is what is needed right now.

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