Sex Tips: Exhibitionist Role Play

When it comes to roleplaying, those with an exhibitionist bias can be very popular, especially with men. After all, men tend to be proud of their erect penises and the compliments they often wish for their members are, to some extent, exhibitionist in nature. The following sex tips can help incorporate some “show off” into a couple’s sex life. Of course, men should practice good penile care to ensure their members are in good health and ready to be presented at their best.

A word of caution

Many people, both men and women, are very excited at the prospect of being a public exhibitionist. For some, this could involve a quick flash of the genitals. For others, what turns them on is going totally naked in a public place or engaging in sexual activity in front of others. However, unless those wishes are fulfilled in a controlled situation between consenting adults, there is a very real risk of breaking the law. The role play scenarios below are intended to be done in a private situation with the audience limited to active participants only.

Role playing game

Most sex advice on role play emphasizes that the participants must agree to the parameters that they are setting. Before beginning, the partners should determine what they feel comfortable doing.

– Shower. “Stuck in the shower” scenarios, where one of you gets in or out of the tub, are very popular and fairly easy to set up and execute. Some typical situations may include: a wife runs into her husband masturbating while she is taking a shower; a prospective home buyer bumps into the homeowner as he is about to take a bath; or a colleague takes a photo of her co-worker in the shower and threatens to blackmail him if he doesn’t masturbate in front of her.

– Psychiatrist. The man plays a patient of a psychiatrist. Lying on the sofa, he talks about his deep desire to expose himself in front of others. The psychiatrist encourages him to follow his wishes in the safety of the office.

– Classroom. Many men remember feeling embarrassed at school when a very noticeable erection caused their pants to stick out. In this scenario, the man poses as a high school student giving a presentation in an excited state. The female is an understanding teacher who encourages him to let go of her erection to make him more comfortable and then praises him when he demonstrates her skill with her.

– Truth or Dare. The woman challenges the man to undress and pose in a crowded street. She does, and her partner takes on the role of bystanders who stop, whistle, clap, or show her appreciation for this man’s endowment.

– Fun in the copy room. The male is caught using the office copier to take photos of his member. The colleague who catches him wants him to show her what’s so special about his package. Soon the two are engaged in mating, all the while aware that someone could break into them at any moment.

Exhibitionist sex tips help formulate safe scenarios to explore risky situations that can contribute to a couple’s sex life. As mentioned, if the member is to be displayed, it should look its best. Regular use of a quality penis health cream. (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) can help achieve that goal. Since no man wants wrinkled manhood, a cream with a powerful antioxidant like alpha lipoic acid is recommended. A good antioxidant prevents premature aging and wrinkles of the skin of the penis. Good skin tone is also desirable, so a cream with vitamin C should be considered. Vitamin C aids in collagen production and the resulting firmness of penile tissue. With a cream like Man1 Man Oil, the penis can be presented in a healthier way.

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