The 5 Most Affordable Baby Shower Gifts

Moms-to-be are excited about the arrival of their baby. Their families and friends, especially their husbands, feel the same way. Really, everyone is looking forward to the day. But wait. Before the big day, the Baby Shower should come first.

If you’re invited to a baby shower and don’t have a lot of money to spend on a gift, don’t charge. Affordable baby shower gifts are available. Just take a look at the gift items in the four corners of the malls and you will definitely find one. The cost does not matter; a little tweaking of the simple materials will do the job.

baby’s bathtub

Yes, a baby bathtub will be more interesting if it is wrapped with baby shampoo, baby soap, baby sponge, baby oil, and a hooded towel.

baby sling

Not all Baby Shower attendees will think of giving a baby carrier. Take advantage of this opportunity. Buy one. You’re not only giving mom the gift, but also the chance to be close to her baby, even if both of her hands are temporarily doing something. The baby will also appreciate this moment.

baby book

Give the mom-to-be a book where she can stick small items related to her pregnancy (like the ultrasound) and the baby (like the first picture). She makes her proud as she writes short notes and captions on each piece. In a few years, this baby book will provide a happy journey for the couple and the child.


If you can afford it, give the mom-to-be lots of diapers! This is one of the most useful baby shower gifts you will ever receive. Of course, make sure of the brand. Provide the one that is of good quality.


Immediately after giving birth, the future mom will need them. In fact, she will need several of these.

baby t-shirts

The future couple will need many baby shirts once the baby is out of its mother’s womb. Babies change their clothes as many times as Hollywood celebrities.

baby hanger

Again, this is a type of Baby Shower gift that is not often given by attendees, but one that is valuable to a mom. Baby hangers will help moms a lot when it comes to organizing baby clothes in the dresser.

boppy pillow

The Boppy Pillow supports a baby in a proper nursing position. It prevents the baby from twisting because it provides comfort.

diaper bags

This is a must have item for all moms. Buy the average size.

baby dresser

A baby dresser can also become affordable and useful at the same time. If possible, place the baby’s name anywhere on the dresser.

These baby shower gifts are useful and affordable. Thanks to these gifts, the expecting mom and dad will have no trouble buying things for their baby, and will instead focus on tidying up the baby’s room. In fact, these gifts are giving them more excitement, while they wait for their little angel.

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