The history of Giuseppe Armani sculptures and figures

Giuseppe Armani was born in 1935 in Calci, Italy and it wasn’t long before his parents realized that he had a unique gift. You see, young Giuseppe drew everything he saw as soon as he could pick up a pencil. And these were not the usual drawings that a child makes, he drew drawings with great detail. When he was older he planned to attend the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence. Unfortunately, his educational plans were thwarted when his father died and his family needed him at home.

Giuseppe continued to draw and it was not long before he was recognized by a local priest when he organized an art exhibition for the young artists of the town. Giuseppe entered a sculpture of a male torso that was admired for its detail and adherence to classical style. This sculpture was taken to the Pisa Art Gallery. The gallery owners were amazed at his detail and beauty and immediately offered Giuseppe a permanent position in his gallery.

With his work in Pisa, Giuseppe’s dream of studying art now came true. He studied the masterpieces of the Renaissance and began to refine his own style. He soon had fans who came from far and wide to see his creations.

In 1975, Florence Sculpture d’Arte offered him a job exclusively for his studio. She was happy to accept as she was given complete artistic freedom.

From then on, he created beautiful masterpieces ranging from the traditional Capodimonte style to more contemporary creations. Some of his most popular figures were created for Disney, consisting of his interpretations of his most beloved characters.

In 2006, Giuseppe Armani passed away from a massive stroke. His beautiful creations live on as a legacy of his artistic genius.

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