The lyrics to Coldplay’s Sparks songs are really beautiful, but what do they really mean?

There is no denying that Coldplay’s song Sparks is one of their most intimate and beautiful songs. Recorded on his 2000 release Parachutes, this song is perhaps one of his most forgotten tunes when compared to his more Rock hits. One day I was sitting in a darkened hall on a cool summer night during mass. Cra. In Boston and the song rang through the room. I found myself wondering “what do the lyrics to the Coldplay song Sparks really mean?”

I took a closer look and this is what I came up with …

At first glance there is a certain melancholy and darkness that exists in this song. When you listen to the music itself, you have a slow 6/8 feel on the acoustic guitar followed by a slight mix of the drums and a beautiful repeating bass line that ties the entire song together. The singer, Chris Martin, almost spoke through the song, barely allowing the words to come out of his mouth. Creates a very gloomy and sad effect. (Perfect music for any dark room).

The first verse where he says “Did I push you away? … But I promise that I will always be aware of you” is a promise that, although he has alienated this person, he assures that he will continue to take care of them. He admits that he has made a mistake, but tries to correct it by making that promise. This is a very honest and sincere song that doesn’t hide any truth.

The lines “My heart is yours. It is you I hold on to. That is what I do” are, at first, very sweet and caring. But at second glance, you can also see yourself as an addict who cannot let go of what he is addicted to. It probably wouldn’t seem like that if it weren’t for the lines that come later in the verse where it says, “I won’t let you down,” but then on the next line it comes back and says, “Yes, I will, yes I will.” We all know that an addict always has the best intentions to kick his habit, but as soon as the craving hits him, he goes back to the addiction.

It’s almost as if he’s saying that even though he has the best of intentions, he still knows himself, knows that no matter how hard he tries, he’s still going to fail her. He cannot refuse to be who he is. It is a lot like the story of the scorpion and the frog in that, as much as the scorpion promises not to sting the frog, it cannot help it when it does so because it knows that, in the end, it is a scorpion.

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