Turn your home into a high-tech hotel room

From time to time, especially during the holidays, families and friends would check into a luxury hotel or resort. Ideally, these luxury hotel rooms could fascinate you with all their high-tech gadgets, wide-screen TVs, automatic doors, and more. Any hotel that provides this service would often be expensive. Why spend so much to go to luxurious hotel rooms when you can bring that experience to your own home? There are many ways to turn homes into high-tech hotel rooms and those on the budget can start by getting these items:

Smart tv

Smart TVs are not uncommon on the market. In fact, visiting the nearest electronics store will showcase their latest available smart TVs. Aesthetically, a large smart TV would be the ideal option to make your homes look like a luxury hotel. Almost the options in the different brands are similar, so you have the freedom to choose the one that suits you best. Some allow you to browse the web through voice activations. Others will detect specific hand gestures to operate commands.

Digital keys

Hotels have the usual physical keys for their locks or card keys that you can swipe. However, these can be a nuisance, especially if they get lost. The fanciest hotels, on the other hand, use digital keys that can generally be accessed via telephones. There are two ways this can work. The first is similar to the concept of radio frequency identification (RFID). Instead of having the card, a phone app can mimic that concept, so you wouldn’t need the actual card. The second way would be through Bluetooth. There are high-tech locks that will open automatically once they detect your phone’s Bluetooth ID nearby so you can get inside without doing much.

Voice activated rooms

So once you enter your house without touching anything, the next thing you can do is turn on the lights without touching anything. How? Voice activation. It is popular in movies and in luxury hotels. With just a short voice command, anything that is voice-enabled will do its job. It is the step towards the creation of Jarvis, Tony Stark’s artificial intelligence (AI) assistant in the popular comic book and movie Iron Man. Wynn Las Vegas recently integrated around 5,000 of its rooms with Echo, a voice-controlled speaker, that allows guests can easily contact the front desk or turn on appliances just by telling them to do so.


In keeping with voice-activated rooms, robot- or AI-enabled automation, like the Echo, will provide even more efficiency to anyone in the room. Automation is generally defined as something that turns itself on and off. However, it goes further. Automation is really about technology allowing itself to participate only when necessary. To some extent, automating your room can even save a lot of money on electricity bills.

Wireless charging

Having lots of tangled wires in the room would be tedious to untangle. It can even break down and cause you to buy new ones. With wireless charging, you save space by not needing cables and you no longer have to always be near plugs. Some hotel tables and desks have built-in chargers that automatically charge when phones are nearby.

TV projector inside the bathroom

This is perfect for anyone who likes to take time to do business or just enjoy a bath. Make that an even better experience by projecting TV in your own bathroom. A cheap trick would be by using mirrors on the ceilings. Pair this with your Smart TV and you’ll do pretty much anything with it, play music with Spotify, watch YouTube videos, surf the web, and more like you’ve never left the living room.

Versatile bathroom walls

More in the bathrooms, it can even be improved even more, even on the walls. Usually bathrooms anywhere would be divided by glass walls that are translucent or can be covered with blinds. With chrome enabled bathroom walls, you wouldn’t need any of those. With the push of a button, the bathroom wall can be made translucent, transparent or simply matte. In this way, the bathroom looks even more spacious when the walls become transparent.

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