Web Design Basics

Web design is made up of some basic premises, and if you understand them you will be able to design pages that impress and enlighten your readers.

Basic Web Design Tips

The following tips can help you create great web designs that work with your readers.

  • Use small images like 10-15kb per image, yes it depends on the source but slow pages are really annoying and big images are the main cause of slow pages. It’s easy to optimize your images.
  • Always use graphics that fit the content. Just because you have an adorable photo of your dog doesn’t mean you have to have it on your web design website.
  • Stick to standard designs. The 3 column layout is so popular on websites and newspapers because it works. You may think it’s boring, but you’ll keep more readers if you stick to something simple that they can understand.
  • Whitespace must be more than the CSS property; it is a function of its design. You need to be aware of the white space on your pages and how it affects the content viewed. White space is important in a web design as it is a paper design.


  • Serif for headlines and sans-serif for text. Sans-serif fonts are much easier to read on computer monitors because screen resolution is not as high as print. If you use serif fonts for normal text, the serifs can blur on the screen, making it difficult to read.
  • limit the number from different sources. 2 or possibly 3 standard font families are easier to read and look more professional.
  • Use standard font familiesFor example: You may choose “Standard Rockwood LT” as this font on your page, but the chances of one of your readers also having that font are pretty low. Sticking with fonts like Verdana, Geneva, Arial, and Helvetica may seem boring, but your pages will look better and layouts will look correct in more browsers.

remind your readers

  • test your pages in various browsers.
  • write the content as they want Unless you’re writing a site exclusively for yourself, make sure your content covers topics your readers want to read.

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