why do we play games

We all like to play, we all need to play, whether it’s board games, video games, outdoor sports or just playing our partner games, we all have an innate desire to play.

Playing is an essential part of our evolution. The experience babies gain from playing during their formative years is invaluable and teaches them the

skills needed for later in life. Sharing, knowing strengths and weaknesses, learning fairness and modesty are vital components of our constitution. Many species of the animal kingdom share the same patterns. Just study lion cubs, cubs, or monkeys to see how essential skills are developed and honed as they play.

When babies play, they develop their mental and cognitive skills. They learn to make judgments, to take risks, and most importantly, they learn to be less self-centered.

The old sayings “play to win” and “winning is everything” whose interpretation would suggest that we only play games to win and that there is little point in playing if we don’t win.

This is an opinion that I do not subscribe to and many schools today are also trying to change the perception of how we play.

Some schools have now decided to drop the parent race because it has simply become too competitive. Parents have become aggressive in their attempts to win when this race was originally designed to embarrass parents and bring a little light-hearted fun to the day. Injuries have occurred as a result but the real damage is how their children perceive the way their parents compete. It stands to reason that this aggressive behavior filters down and enters the child’s mind.

Winners and losers are determined through competition and this could possibly damage a child’s self-esteem if they are never on the winning side. Therefore, today a greater emphasis is placed on team events and the spirit of “It’s the participation that counts”.

This political correctness is all very well, but a healthy competitive element needs to be present when we play games, especially sports. Without a good balance, it could also be argued that our children will not learn the skills necessary to push themselves, do their best in life, and ultimately take care of themselves.

Be humble in your victories and magnanimous in your defeats and you will always find someone to play with.

Win or lose, the most important reason we should play is for fun! Whether it’s a simple card game or a soccer game, we should leave the competitive stuff to the pros and just enjoy the game and always remember to shake hands afterwards.

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