Year: 2021

Who made the PS3

Sony Computer Entertainment is proud to produce the third home video game console for gaming fans. Its official name is PLAYSTATION 3 and is abbreviated as PS3. PS3 is the third and last in the PlayStation series that was released in 2004. PS3 is the successor to PlayStation 2. It has competition in the market […]

Super Bowl LI – Best of all!

The New England Patriots, behind on the scoreboard for most of the game, playing lethargically and without their usual rhythmic style, overcame a large deficit in the third quarter to come back and tie the game in the last minute 28-28 forcing the first overtime. in Super Bowl History. Tom Brady, seemingly out of sync […]

Should I text my ex?

You’ve thought about it a lot and decided that you and your ex have something special worth fighting for. You never wanted a breakup in the first place, but now that it’s happened, you want to do everything you can to save it. But you’re left with an urgent question: “Should I text my ex?” […]

2014 Mercedes Benz E-Class Car Review

Tracing its roots from the W124 first sporting the ‘E’ name in 1986 on the 200E shape and later in 1994 when the ‘E’ happened to appear before the nomenclature to what we know today as the E250, the E-Class it remains the pride of Daimler. The new E-Class epitomizes the midsize luxury car segment […]

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