American Mustang(R) Orange Weld Cable Information

American Mustang® Weld Cable It is manufactured by Southwire with additional approvals, protection and flexibility compared to standard welding cable. The standard version is made much more flexible than common electrical wire used in homes and buildings, and is typically used in small shops for average-sized welders. American Mustang® cable is more of an industrial cable used for very large welders who need to pass inspection, need extra protection and more flexibility.


When you upgrade to American Mustang® Orange Weld Cable, you’ll also receive UL, CSA, MSHA, and RoHS compliance, which helps you pass inspection because third-party sources double-check voltage, temperature, and environmental protection as stated on the spec sheet. This cord is rated for 600 volts and a temperature range of -55ºC to 105ºC, which is approximately 10ºC higher than the standard household version.


Additional protection is found within the heavy-duty insulation used to make American Mustang® cables. Premium CPE insulation is used to create superior flexibility and resistance against flame, oil, solvents, weather and ozone. CPE insulation is not only resistant to the environment, but it is also resistant when it comes to daily impact during industrial projects. This industrial power cable must withstand being trucked over, dragged across rough surfaces, and the chemicals, gases, and fluids that come into contact with it.


American Mustang® Orange Weld Cable uses Class M stranding (34 AWG strands) instead of Class K stranding (30 AWG strands). Using smaller copper wires to make it will allow it to be more easily bent at the corners and rolled into a coil when the job is complete. The insulation is also designed and manufactured to be more flexible, but that becomes a long description of how it works, which is very confusing. You just need to understand that wrapping a 2 AWG Mustang® wire around your arm is easier than wrapping a standard 2 AWG welding cable around your arm.

American Mustang® cables will be more expensive than standard welding cables because they have more approvals, higher flex ratings, and significantly more protection from both the environment and everyday impact. Again, this is an industrial power cord with the necessary approvals to pass inspection rather than a household cord used to connect a small welder. The welding cable police aren’t going to come to your house asking for the upgraded version, both versions are available for a reason. Talk to your wire and cable supplier to make sure you are purchasing the correct cable for your application.

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