design a rustic kitchen

This is not the kind of kitchen for the busy businesswoman who comes in tired from work, pops a pizza in the microwave, and spends the rest of the evening in front of the TV or with an easy read in her hands.

The interior design for the rustic kitchen is designed for the modern housewife, to amaze her soul and awaken her creative culinary skills, to inspire her to prepare exquisite traditional dishes.

Rustic cooking is not simple, nor is it lacking in class. Many luxurious mansions have a rustic style. Take a look at your home and garden magazine to see how many Tuscan-style decorations are currently being used in interior design. Or look at how many traditional Mexican motifs stand out in modern interiors. And let’s not forget the Native American Indian style, spread all over the world with its striking details, inspiring colors and symbols that make designing your interiors fun and refreshing – a unique experience.

Interior design for rustic decoration is rich in symbols and meanings and decorating your home with this type of artifact is a tribute to our ancestors and a promise of continuity. The easiest thing to decorate with a rustic style is the kitchen. Luckily rustic pottery and rustic furniture have functionality aside from magnificence.

The simplicity of the rustic style does not spoil its beauty. A rustic kitchen is the best place to meet your friends and family, to spend a fairy tale like Christmas, to teach your children to respect the values ​​of the past.

The rustic feeling in interior decoration is given through the design with the materials used, the colors used and the message that is to be conveyed. In a kitchen you will need natural wood, traditional ceramics (preferably terracotta or other earthenware, since porcelain is newer and too sophisticated), knotted rugs, and folk art.

While taking care of these accessories, don’t forget functionality. Plan the kitchen so that it is comfortable to use. Place the sink (the famous Belfast sinks can be an excellent option to complete the rustic style of interior design you want) near the oven, the fridge at an accessible distance, preferably in front of the counter.

Don’t forget that the most important “ingredient” that makes a rustic kitchen a success is the furniture. This is where the problems come in: wooden furniture is never cheap. You can plan your kitchen from scratch and buy random furniture from eBay or antiques. But it is unlikely that you will find everything you need at a bargain price.

You should also carefully consider the style you choose. To create an ideal rustic kitchen interior design, you need to know what type of ceramics matches your furniture and also carefully consider whether that style matches your own lifestyle. Sometimes rustic kitchens tend to be heavy and crowded. Colors are often too dark to create a positive atmosphere. In such situations, you can use mood-enhancing lighting or fresh flowers to add color and flavor to your home. Apartment plants, with their ever-fresh green and natural appearance, are also perfect additions to your kitchen design, whether your chosen style is rustic, traditional, or ultra-modern.

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