AAU Basketball: The Biggest Advantage and Hidden Risk of AAU Basketball Teams

The importance of AAU basketball has overtaken the world of high school basketball. The way high school players earn a college basketball scholarship has changed. If you want to give yourself the best chance to succeed in today’s murky world of basketball, start by understanding these truths.

Unfortunately, high school basketball has taken a back seat at the AAU. In general, high school offers a better environment to grow as a basketball player (according to the coach). More hands-on, better team chemistry, deeper understanding of basketball concepts, community involvement, representing your school, etc.

The biggest problem is that high school season is during college season.

College head coaches are not primarily focused on recruiting during these months. They cannot be. Every college-level coach is extremely competitive and dedicated. They are constantly focused on their team throughout the season, and if they are not, they will lose games … and then their job.

Once college season is over, his main focus is on recruiting. College coaches know that recruiting is the lifeblood of their team. If they are not talented, their coaching career will be short-lived.

Enter AAU basketball.

AAU allows college coaches the ability to watch players compete at a high level in the off-season. This is the main advantage AAU basketball has over high school basketball … and it’s a huge advantage.

If you want to play college basketball, join a good AAU team that travels to the big tournaments in the off-season.

It’s common sense: the more opportunities you have to play in front of college coaches, the more likely they will notice your basketball skills and start recruiting you. Once you realize it, the momentum will build on itself.

But here is the trick:


Before the AAU boom, players had no practices or games year-round in the off-season. There was time to practice and improve his individual basketball skills.

At this time, players get lost playing many games. The problem with playing all year round is that the COACH DESIGNS THE PRACTICE NOT FOR THE INDIVIDUAL PLAYER, BUT FOR THE TEAM.

So if you play all year on an AAU team, you are not developing your skills enough. The fact that you are on a team does not guarantee anything.

Two team practices a week will not help you individually as a basketball player!

You need to go to a gym and practice. Period.

Every year I improved tremendously as a player because I consistently worked with a basketball plan. Ultimately, my superior basketball skills earned me a Division 1, full-ride college basketball scholarship.

The good news is that you can always improve as a basketball player. The method to constantly improve as a basketball player is quite simple:


This method will never age throughout your basketball career. At each level you go to, keep using this method.

AAU basketball is a key component in advancing your basketball career after high school. It is important to join a respected AAU program with a quality coach. But that’s not all, you MUST CONSISTENTLY TRAIN during the offseason on your individual basketball skills. The combination of these two aspects will greatly increase your chances of obtaining a college basketball scholarship. It won’t be easy, but that’s what makes it so valuable and rewarding. Get started today!

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