Book dedications to stimulate your imagination

I’ve always been fascinated by book dedications. Unfortunately, most books don’t have them. And many of the books that have one, the dedication is usually too simple and cryptic to understand. But luckily, some dedications will give you a glimpse into the author’s life. They will give us a slight hint about a personal history or a relationship that we will probably never know more about.

Despite that, I always enjoyed finding a book dedication that made an effort to honor someone who had an impact on the author’s life. But at the same time, it’s especially nice to find a dedication that can also reach me and make an emotional connection. Here are a variety of book dedications to help you get started on formulating your own.

1. Dedication (appreciation, hope)

We dedicate this book to health professionals around the world who have dedicated their lives to helping those in need; Y,

To health students who do not yet realize the potential and importance of the career they have chosen; Y,

To our students on Long Island and New York City (and those who have spread across all 50 states), and to our readers around the world, who work every day to make your career a success and our world a much better place to live; Y,

Finally, we dedicate this book to all of you with our love, appreciation, and thanks for allowing us to be a part of your lives.

2. Dedication (honor, reverence)

We dedicate this book to those who lost their lives on 09/11/01;

and also to those who have given their lives in the Global War on Terrorism.

3. Publisher dedication (hope, encouragement)

This book is dedicated to all people, young and old, employed and unemployed, educated and uneducated, who dream of being financially independent and building a happy, successful, and rewarding life, but are too intimidated to take the first step. The hope and dream of the Dickson Keanaghan family is that this book will be that first step.

The Dickson Keanagan Family

Long Island, New York, 2010

4. Dedication (predictable, sentimental)

I dedicate this book to my wife, Michele, who has been my partner in life and business since 1984.

5. Dedication (sentimental)

To my wife Michele: It is a privilege to share my business, my life and my love with you.

To my children Eric and Erin: Your growth provides a constant source of joy and pride.

6. Dedication (explanation, friendship)

To mom, who encouraged me to “do”;

To dad, who loved me even when I didn’t;

And to Mary, who after 35 years has given me her friendship and unconditional love.

7. Dedication (general, simple)

This book is dedicated to the mentors, friends, and family of Dickson Keanaghan:

John Doe, Jane Smith, Bob Squarepants, Jennifer Johnson, and Peter Pickles.

8. Dedication (hope)

To my children Eric and Erin, who will inherit this world and make it a much better place.

9. Dedication (predictable, simple)

The reader…

I hope you have at least half the fun I’ve had reading this book.

10. Dedicated to (drop name)

Capote, Talese, and Wolfe: They had the courage to break away and inform the world of us in words that were more vivid, more dramatic, and more precise.

11. Dedication (friendship, respect)

To Oliver Wendell Holmesian, Jr.: My law partner and valued friend, a lawyer of sterling skill and perfect integrity, a trusted confidant, and a true mensch without whose encouragement, emotional support, sound advice, and good cheer, none of my books would be I would have written.

12. Dedication (humorous)

To Evelyn Woodwind, whose suggestions made this a much better book than it might otherwise have been; And to Roberto Boscoe, who taught me most of what I’m teaching now, with apologies for beating him up with this book.

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