Get your ex girlfriend back by acting like a dare

Have you seen how dogs play? And stay with me, this has a lot to do with you getting your ex girlfriend back. Dogs get very excited when they see a Frisbee that they like. They bark, they run around it, and they do what they can to get the ball rolling, so to speak. They will patiently wait without losing interest for someone to throw it at them and will go out of their way to bring it back.

Cats, on the other hand, only play when they are in the mood to do so. And only the toys they can’t reach. Once they do, it’s game over for them. They lose all interest in that toy. If they don’t get close for a while, they also lose interest. What does that have to do with you getting your ex girlfriend back? Well stop trying to play with a cat by using strategies that work with your dog.

Men are like dogs, they see a toy they like (this would be a woman) and they go to great lengths to get it. For hours or days at a time. But women act like cats, they will only fall for a guy who is out of their league. Once they’re sure they’ve got it for good, they might even get bored.

So in order to attract your ex girlfriend, you will have to act as a challenge. Instead of calling her all day, so she knows she has you, don’t even answer her calls until a few hours later. And when you do, don’t make excuses.

Don’t be available when she calls you. Put it down once. And she sets a “date” in your diary.

Ask her what will be different this time the two of you hang out (especially if she got you into some depressing topics last time you saw her), tell her you just want to have a little fun.

Act like you’re still not sure that she deserves to win you back. She could if she tried a little harder, but maybe not yet.

Be a challenge, she will have a lot of fun chasing you and every time she sees you out of her reach, she will be more and more convinced that she wants you forever.

I know it sounds cruel and like you’re messing with your ex-girlfriend, but if you actually came out and told yourself how you feel, he’d instantly lose all his newfound interest.

Make your ex girlfriend work hard to win you over, that way she will appreciate you much more once she has you.

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